Thursday, March 10, 2016


When you're autism child is non-verbal, or at the very least a very slow to start talker, you wait ages to hear certain words.

If you're very lucky, like myself, your child does begin talking but, that still doesn't negate the pain in your heart when talking to mothers whose child is still nonverbal. It still hurts your heart to hear them tell you how they long for the words your child can say.

Anyway, I waited for "mommy". lol Of course I did, right? Who doesn't?!tongue emoticon 

When my youngest was 4 he finally began to talk, and still I waited for that word. I wasn't holding out for "love you", I just wanted mommy. lol

Anyway, one day when he was almost 6 he finally said "mom". I remember just freezing, not being able to breathe, and yes, falling to the floor in a big old puddle. It was seriously attractive! 

I loved "mom", but I never got to hear mommy. He always called me mom and then his father is always just "dad". Which is fine and now that he's 7 1/2 it's age appropriate, but a part of me, the greedy part, always wanted to hear "mommy". 

Today, he's standing next to me trying to get his father's attention again, to ask him something or other. You know that: mommy, momma, mom, mom. mom, momma, mommy thing everyone jokes about? Well, he can't get his dad to pay attention to him, so he starts saying dad, dad, dad,etc., and then "daddy". I froze. It was so sudden, I think I scared him. lol

It wasn't my "mommy" but, it close, so close, I had to hug him. He asked me why and I told him it's just a word he's never said, just like mommy and I was just excited and shocked to hear him say it. So, he grabs my face, leans his cheek on my nose and said "mommy".

Yep, once again, I became a puddle on the floor, but a VERY happy puddle!

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